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Kisalföldi Zrt. performs dairy cattle farming and raw milk production at three locations. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to help us operate more efficiently and create more competitive products. Each milking parlour is equipped with a pasteuriser which is used to treat milk collected from the females, so that it can be given to the young animals in an appropriate state. This is a manual process, performed according to the instructions of facility managers, and has two essential parameters: maintaining an appropriate temperature for an appropriate period of time. If performed incorrectly, the end product may cause problems that will only be reflected by the livestock years later, resulting in significant losses. With OkosFarm’s assistance, a thermometer has been installed on each tank. Based on the data collected by these thermometers and time elapsed, the process is automatically monitored and analysed. If the process has been performed incorrectly, the facility manager is notified of the need to re-pasteurise the affected batch.

The construction of Hungary’s largest swine nursery was completed in 2018, in Barcs. The facility comprises 52 buildings and is capable of hosting 40,000 specimens. The new buildings feature state-of-the-art rearing technology and equipment, complemented by an OkosFarm system. Twelve Multisensors monitor and log temperature, humidity, ammonia, CO2, light and noise levels per building. The client was an active participant in the development of Multisensor itself, as they determined which environmental variables must be monitored for the successful control of livestock farming, and we developed the serial production version jointly. The system, in addition to measuring values and collecting data, is also capable of managing alerts, which provides extremely valuable assistance to animal caretakers via making the facilities’ environmental data readily accessible through a smartphone app. The system also includes an access control and work time-recording system, deployed at all of the group’s sites. OkosFarm has also developed an employee labour schedule and an attendance monitoring solution based on live data queries, considering the need in livestock farming to urgently replace any employee who does not show up at the scheduled starting time of their shift.

As poultry farmers, we have always closely monitored the internal temperature and humidity of poultry houses, as well as the operation of ventilation systems. A small workforce needs to care for approximately 70,000 specimens, so we were looking for a solution that was capable of sending remote alerts in case of any problems at the premises. In each of the three poultry houses, temperature and humidity are measured separately by level. We also monitor the power supply of each building, as blackouts may occur due to the structure of the establishment’s electrical network and the number of electrical installations. A backup power generator has also been deployed to combat blackouts, whose operational data are also monitored through the OkosFarm network. With this system, ventilation problems caused by blackouts can be minimised, and timely intervention is possible in case of unfavourable temperature conditions.

We produce vegetables, selling our products to department stores and resellers. We supply prime quality to our partners, so the provision of an appropriate environment through storage and transport is particularly important to us. Our cold stores were built using modern technology, but unexpected blackouts, storm damage or other technical problems may cause a shutdown at any time, which can lead to the spoiling of the entire stored volume. Owing to OkosFarm, we are able to monitor temperature and humidity separately in each room, and get alerts in case the values measured are out of the desired range, enabling rapid intervention and preventing damage. Being able to attach documented data on storage conditions to the products shipped provides reassurance to our clients as well.

We are a plant production and crop storage company. In the largest, 19,000-ton-capacity storage building, following the entry into storage, the produce is ventilated through with cold air with the help of mobile tunnels and high performance fans, in order to reduce core temperature. This task was previously performed manually by night guards. As we would attempt to “capture” cold air in the winter season, at night, this task was often neglected, and we were unable to cool the produce efficiently. Thanks to OkosFarm, we are now able to monitor core temperature at six points and external temperature as well as humidity at one point. If the difference between external and internal temperature allows for ventilation, the system automatically switches on the fans, blowing in cool air until the desired temperature is reached.

Our company’s activities include plant production, crop drying and storage. The drying apparatus is controlled using an analogue control panel; previously, the diagram of the current process was only viewable in the control room. Thanks to OkosFarm’s digital transmitter, a digitalised process diagram is now available via a management application, based on the activation of analogue status indicator lights on site. This gives us accurate information on the progress of the drying process, and whether a blockage has occurred, even if no staff members are present in the control room. The system is also capable of creating reports retroactively, so the duration and energy consumption of each process can be observed, helping us improve their efficiency.

Vitafort Zrt.’s central site is located in the outskirts of Dabas. In addition to storage and logistics, the manufacturing of certain products takes place here, and the company’s headquarters are also located on the premises. In 2017, the site’s video surveillance system was due for complete replacement. In relation to this, the need arose for the implementation of an internal IT network appropriate for the plant’s size, also capable of operating an IP camera system. The network was implemented through the construction of two main optical cable routes and structured network elements, fully capable of enabling internet access and supporting the ongoing implementation of a management system. It is possible to completely isolate access between the security system and the IT network through permissions, and the two are also independent from each other in terms of bandwidth usage.

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