Okosfarm – SmartFarm

What does OkosFarm mean?

Monitoring - Analysis - Remote Control - Automation

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Sensors measure data. But how does one keep abreast of the conditions inside a stall? A software package available both via computer and smartphone displays the data recorded by the Multisensor, capable of displaying the data in a graphic environment, which can be customised to match your establishment’s characteristics. Importantly, data are only visible to authorised employees, thus monitoring may be separated into employee and management levels.

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Remote Control

Given the ability to monitor conditions remotely, the OkosFarm system also provides the capability to respond to unexpected incidents remotely. Remote control can be used to avoid costly equipment repairs, animal deaths or crop losses, in case an emergency shutdown is required or ventilation must be turned on due to a suspicion of heat stress.
There are virtually no limits to the remote control function – you can rely on OkosFarm to perform everything from door controls to feeding.


Our analytical device, the OkosFarm Multisensor, functions as a fully customised sensor hub. It can be connected to all types of measuring sensors relevant at an operational level.Main variables measured:
– Temperature
– Humidity
– Ammonia content
– CO2 content
– Draught/air velocity
– Sound/noise levels

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Measuring these data in itself does not lead to profit growth; the data also need to be continuously monitored and analysed, which the software performs for you. The software immediately sends alerts about any hazardous values via e-mail or smartphone notifications, even outside of working hours or during the night, enabling you to react promptly. In this way, it is possible to mitigate stress-induced animal deaths, property damage and unexpected events. As future availability of the data measured is also important, the software is able to store them for several months, and they may be easily exported into a file and downloaded.

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Automation represents the system’s topmost level. It constitutes comprehensive monitoring and automatic responses to any problems or failures that may arise throughout the entire establishment. The human factor can thereby be almost completely eliminated from the system. There is a need for human responsibility and comprehensive and systematic security, in return for the advantages of growth in profit generated by the plant, the opportunity to reallocate human resources, the elimination of manual labour and non-stop operation.

What sectors does OkosFarm work with?