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Farm Monitoring

IP camera systems provide a significant advantage through round-the-clock site monitoring and through supplying video footage that can be reviewed in the case of harmful events. You can save valuable time and money via a system of well-placed cameras, capable of monitoring crop storage, animal stalls and the animals themselves.

Regardless of the type of agricultural company, their premises generally house valuable machines, fuel and chemicals, also serving as a location for the storage of goods prepared for sales, representing all added value. Control capabilities are thus in very high demand in these facilities, with the purposes of asset protection, employee supervision and control of labour efficiency. OkosFarm offers high-quality IP camera monitoring systems, access control systems, work time-recording systems and a broad selection of other asset protection solutions to customers.

In the case of a livestock farm, access control systems help maintain quarantines and mitigate risk, as all entries and exits can be accurately monitored, as well as viewed via recorded footage.

Finally, our work time-recording system ensures timely arrivals and replaces duty rosters.