Okosfarm – SmartFarm

Cattle Breeding

OkosFarm’s solutions monitor temperature and humidity as well as the velocity of air movements and the rate of heat radiation, controlling ventilation and humidifier systems in accordance with these data.

In cattle farming – the technologies in question not being closed systems – employee control had long been the focus of attention. Milking parlour processes, the management of calving pens, the quality assurance of feeding and asset protection had been the most prominent tasks. Changes in the weather seen in recent years have, however, pushed the mitigation of heat stress into the foreground, as this process directly influences milk yield and the body weight gain of cattle, and thus the owner’s profits.

Given the automation capability, it is possible to mitigate external environmental impacts; for example, in reaction to high temperature, the harmful effects of heat stress can be eliminated through ventilation and shading techniques. In addition, camera systems that help monitor calving and remote supervision of milking processes facilitate the intelligent operation of a smart farm.