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About us

Senit Ltd. has been operating in virtually all fields of economy, primarily in industrial sectors, for over a decade. We design, implement and operate IT, weak-current and security systems. When building our systems, our primary focus has always been customer-oriented design and high technical quality.


We started participating in agricultural projects in 2013. Our experience has shown that, compared to our previous assignments, the agricultural sector has many unique features, challenges and new tasks waiting to be solved. Therefore, two decisions were made.

– One: It is worthwhile and necessary to develop specialised equipment, technologies and methodologies specifically designed to service particular segments of agriculture.

– Two: We must create a unique identity for ourselves in agriculture.


This is how the idea of OKOSFARM (meaning SmartFarm) was born. In agriculture, we perform all our tasks, carry out the development, installation and operation of our systems, and provide training services – an area of increasing importance – under the OKOSFARM brand name.

“Increasing efficiency and preventing losses.’’

Initially, we focused on asset protection and internal control systems, while today, thanks to expanding IT opportunities, our services also include the implementation of building and technology monitoring, automation and decision support based on precision farming.

We have developed and continuously improved our proprietary monitoring system and measuring equipment, tailored to the needs of agricultural undertakings.

This system has a proven track record in many industries, including agriculture, which we consider as the basis of the food industry.

We are constantly providing information to farmers about these technologies. Through our activities, we aim to help our partners operate more efficiently and attain a greater competitive edge.

We sincerely hope to welcome you as an OkosFarm customer soon.

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