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What does OkosFarm mean?

The OkosFarm is a unified installation monitoring, automated system, operating with modern tools and working properly on agricultural farms, as well as promoting energy efficiency as management, a powerful resource, controlled alert when the vehicle is inadequate, and alerting needs during data monitoring. OkosFarm is able to create a customized system for each industry and type of farm and is made up of several other sub-units:

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OkosFarm Multisensor, functions as a fully customised sensor hub. It can be connected to all types of measuring sensors relevant at an operational level. 

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Security and Property Protection

The preservation of mechanical and animal values ​​is the number one goal of every company. The OkosFarm system protects these values ​​with camera surveillance systems and security solutions.

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Sensory measures

In addition to the basic measurements of the multisensor, other factors can be assigned. This allows you to connect width, temperature radiation and many other sensors.

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Software remote sensing

Continuous monitoring, measuring environmental impacts, or monitoring machines, both as a working time and as a work organization, wastes a lot of time. The OkosFarm system is accessible from your smartphone and the Internet wherever you are.

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Remote control

Once we are able to monitor our own farm, we can intervene remotely. Avoiding problems is a long time to react quickly. With the OkosFarm system, you can react immediately to a malfunction, but you can also request an automatic response.

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0-24 Animal Care

At animal farms, OkosFarm is a real help force. Observation, even 24 hours, is an important element in the discovery of diseases, successful birth and prevention of death.

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Crop monitoring

The quality of crop storage is closely aligned with the level of profit, so monitoring and responding in the event of an emergency will save a lot of money for companies.

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Data collection and Data analysis

The data shows where the error is. The structure of our systems was born not only in the spirit of instantaneous observation but also of traceability. By analyzing our data sets, site problems can be easily estimated and prevented.

How do we install an OkosFarm system?

Installation of a system consists of stable multi-tiered levels. To provide our customers with the most flexible and reliable service. From bidding to handover, all activities are carried out under controlled and planned conditions. This minimizes the chances of failure and keeps the installation on schedule.


Our design team will design the OkosFarm system according to your needs. Because it is completely customizable, it does not matter if the company has specific needs for “empowerment”.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we arrive at the installation site with organized working hours and a well-prepared team. Where we go according to the draft, we do our work on schedule.


The unique design and multi-faceted nature of our systems can make it difficult to manage. In Control Engineering and Automation, long-term operation, upgrades, and maintenance are needed.

Our customers said

  • OkosFarm brings the innovation that our industry needs in order to grow.”

  • A fair, flexible and reliable partner.

    Fritz Gyula

    Lajta-Hanság Zrt
  • We are fully satisfied with the team’s technical work.

  • Virtually, you are our IT Directorate.

    Ifj. Palásti József

  • The systems implemented by OkosFarm have fulfilled our hopes and expectations, both in terms of technical solutions and results.

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